Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Away Camp

Jill has been away this Christmas at a swim camp with the club she swims with. They went to California for two weeks. The purpose of the camp is to swim their guts out so they get stronger and so that they turn up the heat a bit at competitions. Doesn't sound like a lot of fun to me, but she sure looked forward to it, and is really enjoying it. I haven't heard one word of her feeling homesick. I will have her write about it when she gets home. In the meantime, here are some photos that the kids and coaches and chaperones have posted on Facebook to keep us parents in the loop on what's going on at the camp.

Their swim practices are at the Coggan Family Aquatic Complex. Looks like a pretty nice place! She has really enjoyed swimming in an outdoor pool. They have two practices a day, and they're tough practices. One day they swam 20X400 for the second workout. Second! That would be enough for one day and then a few days off for me. Not only do they have two swim practices, but they do two dry land workouts each day too. She says she is really becoming buff.

Yup. They look like one tired crowd!

I love the sign above the hot tub saying the capacity is 10 people. My guess is there isn't a life guard there while they're there to be the rule police.

  She loves it.

Their dry land workouts aren't always on the pool deck. Running on the beach. Now that is a workout you don't often get in Calgary!

They are staying in a hotel and eat there most of the time. The hotel has a continental breakfast and then later they either go out for lunch and dinner, or get something brought into the hotel.

Every evening they have some kind of activity: charades, board games, singing Christmas songs, and all sorts of other craziness.

They've also enjoyed playing in the ocean. Their hotel is a short, two block, walk away.

They were all assigned as Secret Santas and on New Year's Eve they wrote a poem for the person they had been a Secret Santa to to reveal their identity.

They have four days of workouts and then one day of fun. For fun they also spent a day at Disneyland, rented boogie boards and played in the ocean, and on Christmas Day they went on a Safari at the San Diego zoo.

They're a bunch of crazy and fun and really good kids. I  couldn't be happier for her.

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