Saturday, 12 January 2013

Crazy Saturdays!

Most people look forward to the weekend. I can't say that I really do. It's too tiring! Here was our day today:

6:30 am Get up. Allen drives Jill to swim practice. She decided to go to two practices today since she missed yesterdays - so she swam from 7-9 am, and then again from 10:30 - noon. One thing the away camp did for her was she realizes now how much more she can do! After the 10:30 practice she went home with a friend and hung out at their house for the afternoon.

Meanwhile, Peirce and I did some housework that morning.

Allen went off to a funeral with his friend who recently lost his aunt.

Allen got home around noon and we headed off for a PFS meeting. That went from 1-5. I had to leave a little early though to go volunteer at the Roughnecks Lacrosse game. Meanwhile, Allen took Peirce to the swim club's Winter Warm Up party. They met Jill there. Then Allen took off and went to a birthday party for one of his trainee's sons. He then went back to the Winter Warm Up to see how the kids were doing. At 10:30 he picked me up from the lacrosse game and we went back to the Winter Warm Up for the tail end of the party.

6:30 - 12:30 we were pretty much go go go.

Good thing tomorrow can be a quieter day! I need it!

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