Thursday, 27 March 2008

Another Day Another Story

When will it end??!!

When will it end??!!

This morning I took Jill to her camp. I take her there for 8:30. This morning we were a little late so we ran out the door. I told Peirce I was taking Jill and I'd be right back (Allen was here). Peirce hasn't been a good listener lately and we've been harping on him about how we shouldn't have to ask 2, 3, 4, 10 times for him to do something. Well, he must not have really been listening when I left and he suddenly said, 'oh oh! Mom said she was leaving and I didn't get up and go get in the van." He went out the garage door, opened it…..and left. He put his shoes on but no coat. He was going to walk down to Bulldog where I was I guess. (probably a 45 minute walk for him) Well, I got home and noticed the garage door was open and I had shut it....but didn't think too much of it. Allen might have gone out to get something from his car and not closed it. I start cleaning up breakfast and wanted Peirce to take out the garbage so I start calling for him. No Peirce. I ask Allen where he is...he says he's watching TV....but he's not. He's not anywhere in the house. He’s not anywhere in the yard. He’s not anywhere on our street! So Allen starts driving around the block and checking the playgrounds. No Peirce. So we go tell our neighbor across the street we can't find Peirce and please watch in case he comes home and I go start driving around too. After about 15 minutes of not being able to find him I was frantic. I ran into Allen again and we're like 'do we call the police?' I said a prayer and we both turned on our cell phones and went to drive around I rounded the corner past our block a police car comes around the corner and I can see a little kid in the back seat. I just about had a heart attack and broke down right there. Someone had picked him up standing on the corner to cross the major street near us and took him to a daycare down the road and they called the police and the police came and got him. Peirce couldn't tell them our address but he could tell him how to get to our house - and so he did. OH MY HELL!!! The policeman was very nice. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. My heart was racing so much! Peirce had told the policeman he missed me so he left the house to find me. I assured the policeman that he hadn't been home alone...then Allen drove up and confirmed that too. (I can just see Social Services showing up to check us out!) When I talked to Peirce after it came to light that he did suddenly think 'oh oh....I didn't listen and I better go catch up' and that's why he left the house so quickly.

Seriously. I've had enough of this week.

Really enough!!!

My poor tired heart.


Alysha Sladek said...

oh my! I'm so sorry! that must have been so scary!!! I'm glad he's home safe and sound! I hear ya on the drama. I've had ENOUGH! Hopefully you get a break soon!

Kim Hawryluk said...

Oh my gosh! Okay, this has really got to stop! I can't believe all this stuff! It's probably hard for you to laugh about it in the middle of all of it, but I hope you can look back and find some humour in all of it! Oh man!