Sunday, 9 March 2008

Family Ties

I researched homeschooling quite extensively before Jill started school. In the end we decided not to homeschool - but I was glad to have gone through the experience of researching it all. One thing I read, but didn't quite believe, was that kids are closer in families that homeschool. I always imagined that they'd get tired of each other if they spent so much time together. But you know, I was wrong! I have my kids have really grown closer together. Peirce anxiously waits for Jill to come home when she has days where she is gone to a class or a workshop. And Jill really enjoys playing with Peirce. I have found they seem to have a bit of an alliance. I think Jill has really matured lately too. Is that just a coincidence? Or is it the maturity that homeschooling families talk about that exists with homeschoolers because of the different 'culture' they experience. Maybe it's the multitude of lectures they've received from me on being nice to each other. Not sure! All I know is it's different now than it used to be. I read a post recently that summed up quite well how this is a whole new experience.

Whatever it is, I don't really care. My heart swells with happiness when I see my kids enjoy spending time together so much.

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