Saturday, 22 March 2008

The Measure of a Man

I forgot to write about this book when I finished it! We read it for book club and I finished it last Thursday just minutes before book club started. There were times when I loved it and times when I hated it. Sometimes it was deep and wonderful and meaningful and other times I wondered why in the world he included that part. The book is a biography and I kept waiting for him to tell us things about his wife, children, and other family things - but he barely touches on that. The cover says it's a spiritual biography - and perhaps that is why he doesn't go through his life's timeline. Instead it's based on topics he views as central to his life. I enjoyed reading about where he grew up and how that formed his perspective on the world. I hated reading about the racial prejudism and rough times he had. I was aghast that people would treat him like they sometimes would and marvelled at how he responded. He said the color of his skin held no more meaning to him than the white sand or the blue sky. I enjoyed reading about him. He's someone that people seem to put on a pedestal - but he isn't afraid of showing how real and full of flaws he is. It was a good read. I'd recommend it.

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