Saturday, 22 March 2008

Food Storage Day!

Today our ward borrowed the canning machine from the LDS Home Storage building and we canned food storage stuff. It was so inspiring to see all the things everyone was doing!

Our RSP taking some cans in to be sealed in the kitchen.

My cousin Kara is the Enrichment Counsellor in my ward. She was working the canning maching thing-a-majigger
And here are some of my cans! I did brown rice. That should be a year's supply of brown rice for us. Yea!!

On the way home we decided to stop at one of my favorite places to get food for canning. We got bags and bags of apples. Each 5 pounds bag was $2.48. We made fruit leather and then made apple sauce. I wasn't sure if it'd be best to can th apple sauce or freeze it so I decided to try both ways.

Here's the fruit leather in the process of being made into leather.

For some unknown reason one of my jars of apple sauce opened up in the water bath! So less jar to put on the food storage shelf. Not sure why that happened! Oh well.

Our stake is on a mission to help everyone get their food storage in order. I actually set a goal this year to do the same thing so I'm excited about the things they're doing to help us do that. They've formed a co-op so that we can buy things in bulk as a stake at a discount price. This month Allen and I also bought a cow from a farmer and got it all packaged up by a butcher! Our chest freezer is absolutely FULL of beef. We also bought an upright freezer - which will be a great help in sorting and organizing the freezer meals I've been making.

I love getting all this food storage stuff together. It feels good to know we're making a big effort to follow the counsel to get a year's supply. It's important for us because Allen doesn't make the same amount of money every month (and nor do I for that matter) Some months are good. Some months are bad. So it's important for us to plan ahead and store things when we have the time and money to do so. It brings a great sense of peace when we have the months that aren't quite as lucrative!


The Lawlor's said...

It does feel good Dawn, doesn't it? Mike and I spent all day yesterday cleaning our basement, moving things around and organizing our food storage shelves.

Alysha Sladek said...

so smart!! i love homemade fruit leather... it's sooo yummy! way to go. i really need to get going on my food storage.