Thursday, 27 March 2008

The fun never ends around here...

Today I left early to take Peirce to his art camp. We were really early so I decided to stop and wash the van. It is one of those car washes you use a wand for but you pull inside and there are a bunch of bays. After I washed the van it wouldn't start. We were trapped....stuck inside the car wash!! I said a prayer. It still didn't start. Peirce said a prayer. Still no luck. (I thought having a child say the prayer was a ringer for a quick answer?!)

There's good news though! (An answer to prayer after all?) There's a Minute Muffler right by the car we pushed the van over there and asked them to look at it. Turns out there wasn't much wrong with it that $300 wouldn't fix. It needed a new starter.

I wonder what will happen tomorrow. Could someone else take over the drama department for me? I'm tired of the drama in my life! I want to go back to the simple life!

My mom asked me if I wanted to run away. I told her I did want to, but I can't because I have too much work to do right now (in the middle of a big project that someone walked out on and left a mess and now I'm trying to get it cleaned up by the end of the month). It's a good thing I have a lot of work to do....that might be all that's helping me to hold it together! LOL

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