Sunday, 8 November 2009

Great Job Jill!!

Jill had a great swim meet this weekend. She worked really hard last year to try to achieve a "B" time but didn't quite make it. There were lots of tears, and then, once swimming was over for the year she decided to move forward with a clenched jaw and prepare to make it happen this year. She made a point of working out all summer either by bike riding or swimming every day. This past weekend she had her first swim meet of the year. And wow!! She did great!

On Friday night they did 400 free....and she got her MQT. I was particular entertained because she said she really didn't try that hard and she had even stopped at one point because she thought she was finished when she wasn't (she says she' terrible at counting lengths!).

Then on Saturday she had three races 100 breast, 200 IM and 100 back. She got a B time for both 100 breast and 200 IM!

This means she no longer can go to League Meets. Time to adjust our calender! Now she'll be swimming in the "B" swimmer meets and working towards her "A" times. She's excited because getting a B time was her goal for this swimming year - and she already did now it's time to adjust the goal and go for the "A"!

All day Sunday she could hardly wipe the smile off her face. She kept coming up to me and saying, "Hey! Did you know I got an MQT, and two B times this weekend?!" And I'd say, "Really?!" though it was the first time she'd told me.

Funny girl.

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The Lawlor's said...

Good work Jill!

And a pat on the back to her taxi driver!