Saturday, 21 November 2009

Who knew it would be so fun......

I know. I know. Every mother thinks her children are wonderful. But I just have to tell you, I think these two are so great!! I think this picture captures them so well.

I love how they get along (when they get along). I love how they're so excited about life. I love how whatever they do they give it their all. I love how funny they are. I love how they have learned to tease their dad back. I love listening to their stories of their days at school. I love how they get obsessed about things. I love hearing about their friends. They're just plain fun!
I actually wrote this post up a long time ago but never posted it. Today seems like a good time to use it! This is a little write up I did for their teachers when they were asking about their strengths at the beginning of the year:
What I want for them most is to love school and for the people there to appreciate the wonderfullly interesting and talented people that they are.

Jill's strengths: She's got strong linguistic skills and actually has decided she wants to be a Linguist when she grows up. She's always been a talker and had good vocabulary. She loves to write and often journals and writes stories. She loves words games and reading. She also has a really good memory. She is very creative (one of the most creative people I know!) and loves drawing, clay, painting, etc. She also is very sensitive and good with people. She's not usually prone to peer pressure and tried to be a leader. She tends to be rather kinesthetic too and can't sit in one spot for too long! She's also very competitive...but she tries to keep that under her hat a bit.

What areas I'd like to see Jill grow: I'd like to see Jill be organized and take responsibility for her learning. She can really get into something if its somethimg that's peaked her interested. She can really shine if allowed to work on projects in her passion areas of interest.

What is Jill passionate about:
- the earth - she's a bit of a tree hugger!
- zen - she's conscious of her need for peace, creativity, etc.
- friendship - she's very social!
- Purple!!
Does she enjoy reading?
Is the Pope Catholic? Do one legged ducks swim in circles? Is the sky blue? Does a Big Mac have sauce? Oh ya...she will read for hours. (Especially if the hours are past her bedtime.)
What kind of a learner is Jill?

She's very visual (art, drawing, puzzles, colors) and has very strong auditory and language skills. She also is often very logical/analytical. She likes to know how things work and likes to create/re-create her own version of something she's observed)

Does your child participate in any extra curricular activities?
Jill is in a competetive swim club. She swims 3 times a week and would like to swim more! I'd like to say she does piano too - but sh'es not as serious about piano (much to her mother's chagrin)

Do you have any areas of concern for Jill? Mostly I want Jill to enjoy school and be appreciated for the great girl she is. We sure love her!

Peirce's strengths: Peirce watches carefully and once he knows the routine/expectations/rules/system you can count on him to follow! He's also very good at creating (loves crafts, painting, etc) and has really good find motor skills, He's also very good at being a friend. He was very very quiet as a baby and we worked hard to get that boy to talk - and he has definitely turned that into a strength too!

What areas would I like to see Peirce grow? I would like to see him grow as an independent learner...and learn to LOVE reading.

What is Peirce passionate about?
TV (Ugh) - truthfully, Peirce seems to need a little time on his own to cave and TV seems to provide that for him.

He is passionate about what he perceives to be the rules/right things to do. He also really loves '"Boy's Club" (i.e. special time with Dad). He's passionate about having a good time...all the time!
Does Peirce like to read and/or be read to?
He loves it. This past summer he's started to like listening to chapter books read by Mom, Dad or Jill...or on CD. He's becoming a great reader and is especially into joke books right now.

What kind of a learner is Peirce? Logical/Matmatical - he's always been obsessed about things being lined up and organized. Since being able to count he counts EVERYTHING. I think he is also quite kinesthetic (always squirming and loves to hold hands/snuggle, etc.) He enjoys quiet time alone and will play in his room for hours - but recently he's become a budding socialize too - so I don't really know if he'll learn best independently or working with someone. His language skills are really improving. Peirce talked really late and was on a PUF grant for speech at Providence Pre-school. He certainly shows no sign of weakness in that arena now! We read the Book of Mormon together every morning and there's rarely a word he can't figure out.
Does Peirce participate in extra curricular activities?
He swims at swim club two times a week and will go to two swim meets (fun meets) this year. He has a near perfect backstroke! He's also learning to play piano (just started)

Areas of concern: My greatest hope is that Peirce will be happy at school and feel loved...because we think he is priceless!!

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I loved that! I'm glad you posted it-your kids are amazing people!