Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Stop the Ride! I want to get off!!

I went to a meeting tonight that was for the people on the ward council and the ward missionaries. They're building a new temple here. President Melchin had a meeting with the Stake Presidents, and in turn our Stake met with the Bishops and High Council and Ward Mission Leaders a few weeks ago and talked about how sacrifice brings blessings and gave the stakes in Calgary a challenge to do more missionary work. Our meeting on tonight was to discuss what our ward will do to meet the challenge.

I hate to be a Laman/Lemuel grumbler....but my first reaction was, "Oh no! I have enough to do!" And as the meeting went on that feeling only grew. It was interesting to me that the Bishop confessed that he felt the same way while attending the meeting with all the Bishops. He said that at the end of the meeting the Stake President asked him to say the closing prayer. Our Stake President is amazing and seems inspired in everything he does - even down to who he asks to say the closing prayer. The Bishop said as he prayed he felt the spirit witness to him strongly that we can do this and that if we follow the counsel we will be blessed and won't be overwhelmed.

I hope so. I'm sure feeling lately like my life is just a little too full and if I add one more thing there will be a big mess to clean up thanks to everything flowing OUT of the cup! I still tend to feel a little overwhelmed at the idea - especially since my husband is all gung ho! and wants to make plans to have people over and do social things to try and be better member missionaries.

As a missionary I had little patience for those members who felt like they'd done their bit as far as missionary work goes, and who had no time for missionary work. Now I'm one of them!!

I'll try to repent......

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