Friday, 27 November 2009

Welcome Winter!

There are times when I don't like my job. And then there are times when I'm SOOOO glad I work from home! Today was one of them. We had our first real snow fall of the year, and as per usual, it resulted in all sorts of terrible traffic. Many people who normally have a 25 minute commute took at least 3 hours to get home today. It's days like this that I'm so gald I don't have to get out on the streets!!

This was all such good timing. Much better than having it on a Sunday night so everyone has a bad Monday. And good thing it came AFTER our trip to Lethbridge!

They closed the highway north of Calgary because it was too treacherous. They said at one spot there were more than 60 cars strong out in the ditch, smashed into each other, and stuck. What a mess!

This is one of those bendy-buses in Calgary. (Thanks Sonja for the picture!)

A Friday night is a perfect night to stay home, make a cake and have ice cream with warm cake!! (And next time I make a cake I'll put the sugar in it....oops!)


kemarias said...

I remember the cold snowy days. My bones don't miss it at all.

Dawn said...

Where did you live?