Sunday, 29 November 2009

Sunday Seven - November 29, 2009

This is what I'm grateful for this week!

1. Recreational Therapists. I have marvelled for days, at what a wonderful surprise we got visiting my dad on Thursday this week.

2. In-laws who let us stay at their house so often these days. We go visit my dad every week and tend to stay at their house during our visits. They're so accomodating, and kind, and provide great food! :0)

3. Amazing Weather. I am stunned at how warm it still is! Up until now we've had no snow on the ground here...and most days my kids just wear a hoodie to school. It's a nice change after last winter! We got some snow Friday. How long will it stick around??

4. Flexibility. I'm so glad that we have flexible work schedules. Of course, that sometimes means that we work far most than most people, it seems. But on days when we can take the kids out of school and take off for the day, I'm so grateful for it! Just have to keep that in mind on those long working days I guess!

5. Christmas Lights. My neighbors have their Christmas lights up and on nwo and it's so nice when I'm working late at night to sit and look at the lights. I remember when Peirce was younger and was so crazy about Christmas lights. I think I'm crazy about them too! (Well, to be clear, I'm crazy about looking at them - but apparently NOT crazy about putting them up!)

6. Good health. I seem to be surrounded by all sorts of people with health challenges these days...and I'm so grateful that I've enjoyed good health. What a challenge it can be for some!

7. Skype. My sister made me download Skype a little while ago. I can't believe we didn't do this sooner! It's so fun to talk on Skype to my dad and mom and my sister and her family. I have a friend that is living in Australia right now and we talk on Skype too. Amazing little tool!! And the best part: it's free!!

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