Thursday, 26 November 2009

Hospital Surprises

We have been going to visit my dad in the hospital every week the last few weeks. He is now one week past his expected death date. He joked a number of times about that today.

My kids are happy to take a day off school to go visit. We tend to not go on weekends because:

1. Dad gets a lot of visitors on weekends. Well, who am I kidding. He gets visitors every day of the week. Maybe it has something to do with having old people as friends (i.e. more open time!). I'm not sure....but it's always a good time there! Apparently though, weekends are even busier.

2. Weekends seem to be so crazy for our family! It's hard to shirk all our responsibilities at the office, with church, and with activities for our kids....and since we can do it during the week we try to do that. It's working well so far.

Sometimes though hanging out at the hospital is not that exciting for Peirce. Jill is getting to that age where she loves to sit and listen to the adults talk - but Peirce, not so much. Today he cried when we were heading there because, as he said, it's just so boring!!

Well, what a surprise we had today!! One of the hospital's Recreational Therapists showed up with a Wii, a number of card games, crafts and board games, and a DVD player....just for us to use!! It was so amazing! Peirce and Jill made crafts, played games, and played with the Wii to their heart's content. It was such a blessing! I don't know how we got on her list for this surprise, but we sure were grateful! I just wish I had taken some pictures!

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