Friday, 15 February 2008

Applying the memorized stuff.....

Tonight I was driving home from a night out with Jill and Peirce. On the radio they were debating whether or not the Lord's Prayer should be repeated in schools. I didn't realize Jill was even listening...suddenly she starts repeating a motto they repeat in primary every Sunday:

....I am a child of God.
I love Heavenly Father and I know that he loves me.
I can pray to him any time, anywhere.

...then she goes...hmmm...that's dumb. Who cares about saying the Lord's prayer...anyone can pray to him anytime anywhere.

I just smiled....and enjoyed the fact that sometimes the things these kids are taught DOES stick..and they seem to even get it!


Kim Hawryluk said...

Andrew and I often watch other families to see what they are doing or not doing and talk about the things we like or don't like based on the two and I just wanted to say that I love it when you post these kinds of comments your kids make because it affirms to me each time that you guys are doing an amazing job in raising your kids! You are good examples of the kinds of parents we would like to be and the kind of children we hope to have! Keep up the great work!!

Dawn said...

Thanks Kim. I have to say, those moments when I see that my kids are starting to get it are the most wonderful moments!! Those are the things I really want to remember. It's more important to me than anything else they can learn.
I think it's a good thing to watch others and do a little analyzing...that's something Allen and I have done quite often and continue to do! :0)