Saturday, 2 February 2008

A Prophet's Funeral

As I listened to the funeral for President Hinckley today I had to wonder what funeral for other prophets were like. I wonder if people traveled for days. I wonder if they were huge gatherings like today's, or were they small and quiet. I wonder who spoke. I wonder what people focused on about their lives as they shared memories. It sure would be nice to view a few of those on You Tube or something like that.

I felt really inspired by the things that were said. I was impressed with how he always was a leader. He didn't worry about what the minimum standard was or what was enough - he did all he could. He had endless energy and dedication and really was a perfect example of enduring to the end. When they talked about how the building of small temples around the world, the perpetual education fund, the building of the conference center, etc. were all his ideas. Imagine what life in the church were like if President Hinckley fulfilled his calling like some of us do? Eeek! He was always optimistic and smiling and had a treat sense of humor. I was especially touched by how they talked of how his heart was broken and how he mourned his wife over the past two years. It made me feel a little better to think that even a prophet of God felt sadness over a loss. Perhaps having an amazing testimony doesn't mean that you are obligated to stop talking about loss or to 'get on with life'. Perhaps it's okay that I still cry over Destiny. It is really comforting to know that a prophet of God was so human. He makes me want to stand a little taller, be a little kinder, and do a little better.

I never used to care much for cemetaries. I like them now. I look forward to planting a little flower garden at Destiny's grave this spring. Hopefully someone will do that for the prophet at his grave.

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