Monday, 25 February 2008

Night Terrors

Peirce has been waking up quite regularly with night terrors the past month or so. If he makes it past the first hour or two then he usually doesn't wake up at all. However, when he does he wakes up and groggily comes and finds us....then he starts to freak out. I sit and hold him and it's like he sees something in the distance that freaks him out. The look of terror on his face breaks my heart. I'm not sure why it's happening. But I sure hope it doesn't last too long....poor kid. This morning I asked him if he remembered beign scared last night and he sheepishly said he did. He doesn't always remember it - but last night I sat him up and gave him some milk to drink and I think that helped him come around a little better. For quite a while he didn't want to go to sleep in his room because he was scared. He thought it was a stalling tactic and for a while just made him go to bed anyway. However, after a bit of prayerful contemplation on this issue I started to wonder if he needed a little extra snuggling time. I'm going to try to keep track of what goes on during his days and see if it correlates at all with the days that he has his night terrors. I have a feeling that he's a kid that needs a calm, predictable and stable lifestyle.

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