Sunday, 24 February 2008

Singing Time

I got a phone call this morning about an hour before church started. The person that is in charge of music in primary was sick and so she asked me if I`d fill in for her.

Happy to help!

Honestly, I`m really in my element in front of a bunch of kids like that. I really loved it. One of the gals in the primary presidency told me that I should be careful or I`d get myself a calling in primary before I knew it. That`d be fine with me.

The thing is, I really like a lot of callings. I love the calling I have. I love being in Relief Society. I would enjoy being in primary....and heck, I think I`ve grown up enough that I might even be able to enjoy young women`s! LOL

I really believe too that if you really put your heart into a calling you can learn to love any calling. (If I ever get called to Cubs, that`ll be the real test of that statement!)

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