Monday, 4 February 2008

Happy Birthday ME!

Well, today I'm 41. Doesn't feel too different from 40. Well, not too different from 39, or 35 for that matter. I still feel the same...but the old bod' seems to be complaining a little the past little while. Maybe I am getting old.

I started out today by going swimming with Jill. Aqua-cize classes are interesting. It feels like I'm hardly doing a thing while I'm in it - but when it's over I realize I'm really tired and I spend the rest of today thinking I really should go back to bed. However, I stuck it out and didn't go to bed. I did my usual drive Jill here and drive Peirce there, then turn around and pick them each up. While they were gone I went and got my hair cut. Becky was kind enough to offer to have Peirce over so I could have some time to myself this afternoon - so I took advantage of that time to go get my hair cut. I LOVE getting my hair cut. The girl I usually go to wasn't in and so I had another girl cut my hair. Usually I can't get them to cut my hair short enough. This time it is much shorter! I'm pretty happy with it. Afterwards we went out for dinner. That was great too. Love going out for dinner!

Oh, and of course, there were the phone calls. One thing I sure appreciate about my family is how everyone calls on your birthday....without fail! It's nice to know there are lots of people that love me. :0) What more could a girl ask for?!

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