Friday, 4 April 2008

Bird Sanctuary

Today I got to go with Peirce's class to the Bird Sanctuary. It's so fun to watch Peirce interact with his friends and participate in the learning activities. I love it.

Riding on the bus is on of Peirce's favorite things. As a matter of fact, after we returned to the school all the kids went out to the playground to play. When the bell rang Peirce took off quick as a flash so that he could go home on the bus too. It's always a big disappointment to him when I come and drive him home. What a guy.
Peirce in the classroom learning about birds, their eggs, and the lifecycle of birds. The classroom is in a house that is on the bird sanctuary's land. The house is 100 years old. It's really beautiful! There was a presentation about birds. We learned about different kinds of birds and the nests they build and got to see examples of a number of the nests. She also had examples of eggs for each kind of bird.
At the end of the presentation they had a game-show style game to play. The mallards won!

A day of kindergarten is never complete without a little time for snack!

We went for a walk and looked for the birds and nests that we learned about in the presentation. I was amazed at all the interesting things we saw!

It was a fun and exhausting morning!

When we were leaving we were entertained by a little gopher that we saw. He kept running under the bus. Peirce figured he must be Ralph S Mouse's cousin. He must have heard how fun school was for Ralph S Mouse and tried to join us for the ride back...but the bus driver closed the door. Darn!

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