Thursday, 17 April 2008


Confession: I'm terrible at yardwork. My lilacs are overgrown, the grass isn't all that healthy, and weeding....oh! the pain!!

It's all made worse by my neighbors who are VERY GOOD at yard work. For years we've lived between two older couples who clearly have had a lot of practise and have a more mature appreciation of a nice yard. Recently one of them retired and spends even more time on his yard. As I type he is mowing his lawn. Argh!! The pressure!! The season can't be starting already, can it?!

Luckily the neighbors on the other side moved and a young couple moved in. I'm pretty sure they'll bring less pressure on the yard issue. I've already noticed that it may take them a day or two to get their garbage cans put away after garbage day. I like that kind of irresponsiblity in a neighbor. Helps me feel a little better about myself anyway. :0)

....maybe I'll go rake and put some toys away that are hanging around in the yard....maybe....


Shirley Wilson said...

I think you should do like I do. Have a lawn care service come and do your yard work. I employ Frank's Yard Woks and for $20 a cut they come and mow the grass front and back. For $60 they do a fall or spring clean up. I had mine done just before the wedding, as I didn't get a fall clean up done. He is very good and prompt and the yard look wonderful. That way all you have to do is plant the flowers you want in the yard. Plastic ones grow very nice. They don't require water, so you conserve on the eco-water system that will surely be rationed this year. The birds and squirrels leave them alone, and even the deer won't eat them. They bloom all year round if you want them to. I agree yard work is augh!!!
Take time to enjoy your children and their summer.

Auntie Shirley

Dawn said...

Sounds like a good idea to me! I think I have to get a little richer first though. :0)

Actually, I'm going to try harder this summer. I'm trying to learn to be a gardener. We'll see if I resort to hiring a lawn care service next summer! :0)

Kim Hawryluk said...

ha ha, that's an awesome post. I like the part about having irresponsible neighbours to make yourself feel good! lol! :)