Sunday, 27 April 2008

Church With Our Kids

Primary is a mystery to me. Sometimes it's SO crazy...and sometimes they all just stop and listen.

Today Peirce gave his first talk. I take all the blame on it being just okay (or at least in my mind I figured it was just okay going into it). We should have worked on it all week. I thought about it...but that's as far as I got. I had a great idea: I thought he could talk about President Monson and the things he taught us at Conference. He said no. He wanted to talk about the 10 Commandments. I tried to persuade him to use my great idea. But no. He was sure he wanted to talk about the 10 Commandments. Finally I stopped running down the road I had planned to travel and tried to come up with something equally as interesting and worthwhile and educational for him to work on. Somehow it just wasn't coming to me. Finally Peirce said to me that he just wanted to tell them to 10 Commandments.

Okay fine. That's what we'll do.

And you know, it worked great! First he explained that Moses was a prophet and he gave us the 10 Commandments....and then he listed the 10 commandments. Last he bore his sweet testimony. We talked about it before hand. I told him one of the great things about giving a talk is that you get to share your testimony. He said he really didn't have one of those. So I asked him if there were things he believed....and he started to list we drew a picture for each one and had his testimony down pat! Funny thing it was all the things a testimony is supposed to be....and he didn't even really have to be taught that. It was beautiful.

And the strangest thing about it all was how quiet the room got when he started talking. They all really listened.

I guess I have to re-learn again and again how important it is for kids to take the lead. It all works out when we do it that way. In the end I think it turned out great. I felt SO proud of him!

In Sacrament Meeting today we had talks on 'Be Still' (which was a great message, I thought!) And on the importance of temple work. The message 'go to the temple' was repeated a number of times. At the end of the last talk the speaker said she had a quiz for us all and wanted to know what one line we remembered from her talk. Everyone just sat there of course, since it's quiet untraditional for audience participation in Sacrament Meeting. Finally Jill put up her hand and after being acknowledged said, "Go to the temple."

Maybe I'm just a big suck....but it made me want to cry! I was so proud of her that she was listening and could answer the question. She's a good girl.

During the meetings today I got to hold one of the foster-babies that Heidi has. He is a little boy only 4 weeks old. He weighs about 5 pounds. He was so darling. I could have just burst out crying at any moment the whole time I had him. To think that this poor little boy's mother can't look after him (I have no idea what the mother's situation is) just breaks my heart. I just wanted to hold him forever and ensure that he feels safe and knows someone cares about him. While I was holding him Allen asked if I "wanted one of those". I told him I want two. (I know....always pushing the envelope!) :0)

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