Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Mad Scientist

One the unique opportunities we've had while homeschooling is for Jill to be involved in some activities that we never quite had time for before. She has been taking a drama class one afternoon a week for a few months. Today was their final performance. The production they put together was specially tailored to their group. The teacher wrote it with each of their characters in mind. He really did an amazing job. It was really a thrill to watch Jill perform. She LOVED it.

Jill was a scientist in this play. She wanted a lab coat and a crazy hair do. The lab coat was courtesy of my friend, Susan. The crazy hair do is braids with wire in them and back-combed ends. She's not looking like she's excited about this at all, is she?

Waiting patiently for the performance time to begin.

She was able to compact molecules in her suitcase - and they steal The Calgary Stampede and put the whole thing in there!

The Mad Scientist and her criminal friends.

This is the top spy guy, the RCMP investigator, and the K9 unit.

The final bow.

Pretty much the entire cast.

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Alysha Sladek said...

how fun!! i bet she had a blast!!