Wednesday, 16 April 2008

When Dinosaurs Came With Everything

I love this book! Best dinosaur book I've read in a long time! Peirce and I read it last night. After we were finished he wants to go get some donuts to see if we might get a dinosaur too. :0)

The main character dreads going on errands with his mom (and I'm sure his mom dreads bringing him too!) But on this day instead of the token lollipops or stickers that they give kids they're handing out dinosaurs. REAL ones!

I had to giggle as I read because it represented SO well not just how kids would feel about something crazy like this, but mom's too. The pictures are hilarious and it's just a plain fun book. My favorite page has got to be the first page where the mother is combing the boy's crazy hair and he is clearly unhappy at his miserable existance.

I think I might go buy multiple copies to give away as gifts. :0) (Oh wait....not everyone likes books for gifts....ah who cares. I think it's great!)

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