Thursday, 24 April 2008

Peirce is Six!

Every night Peirce gets in our bed (well, most nights we make him sleep on the floor beside our bed). Last night was no different. The second his eyes were open he was ready to celebrate. "Mom! I'm six now!!"

I mumbled that he was actually born at 4 go back to sleep...but there was no use. He was raring to go!

It was fun to celebrate his birthday. Peirce is just SO enthusiastic. I just love that boy!

It's always so much fun to dig into the presents!!

I love the look on his face here.

Oh. Clothes. Rats.

We made a rice-krispie cake!

Peirce picked the squiggly candles. We thought they were really cool!

At school they get to bring a treat to share with the rest of the class when it's their birthday.

We made fruit-kabobs!

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Kim Hawryluk said...

Mmmm....I could so go for some of those kabobs right now! They look delicious!

Happy Birthday to Pierce!