Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Life Cycles

In Peirce's class they're studying life cycles. They talk about birds...first they're an egg, then the egg hatches, then it's a baby bird, then it grows up...ta da! Life cycles!

Well, today as we walked home we had the most interesting conversation. I always try to get a little info on what happened that day. I do just like the teachers say to do...creative questioning. Today we had the most interesting conversation.

M: So Peirce, how was kindergarten today?
P: Good
M: Learn any new French words?
P: Nope
M: What center did you go to today?
P: mmmmm...craft center....but you know what mom? Today we killed a bird.
M: You did? Why did you do that?
P: Well, we wanted to study we killed it and drained out all his blood. Then we put his heart in a cup and looked at it. Then we put is brains in a bowl and poked them. It was really cool.
M: Did it make a mess?
P: Yes. Madam was not very happy about that.
M: Why'd you have to kill the bird?
P: Oh mom! Never mind.

Hmmmmmmmmmm......sometimes I wonder if we should get on a group plan that includes a psychotherapist.


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