Friday, 2 May 2008

Friday Five - The Books In Your To-Be-Read Pile

From challenge on a great blog I often read, here's today's post:

How many of you have a to-be-read pile a mile high next to your bed?
What are the top 5 books?
Here are mine (not counting the ones I’m in the middle of seriously reading...did you know there's a difference between what you're seriously read and not so seriously reading....well, there is my my life!):

1. A Thomas Jefferson Education - I read this one a while ago but Jenny Chan read it recently and said I really ought to read it. I figured it might be a good time in my life to read it again. I just might have a new perspective on the topic and gain some interesting things from the book.

2. Unusual Heroes: Canada's Prime Ministers and Fathers of Confederation - Jill's been reading about famous Canadians lately and it's been quite interesting. I snuck this book from her pile.

3. Busy But Balanced (Practical and Inspirations Ways to Create a Calmer, Closer Family) - this is one I've been glancing at now and then in preparation for the workshop I'm teaching next weekend/

4. Mothering With Spiritual Power - another book for the workshop I'm teaching

5. Bob Greene's Total Makeover - because I really need to read another diet book (sarcasm off) and maybe this one is the one that will do the trick and inspire me onto thinness!!


Tammy said...

Great list! I just added "Busy but Balanced" to my paperbackswap wish list. Thanks!

Noodle said...

LOL! I totally understand "seriously reading" v. "not seriously reading."