Thursday, 22 May 2008

Misgivings about Going Back

I registered Jill for school again today back at her old school. Sometimes I wonder if that's the best thing! It's so crazy because when we started this homeschooling adventure I took a deep breath and figured I'd grit my teeth and do what I could to survive it. Well, now that we're almost through the school year I certainly have a new perspective on homeschooling. I'd do it all again. I read Dr Laura's blog today and she talked about the misconceptions people have about socialization and homeschooling. I'm glad to see there are some people doing research and coming up with studies to show the people who seem to always bring up the concern about socialization. It's just not an issue. Homeschooling hasn't been easy but I'm glad we did it. I have a new respect for those who choose this method of educating their children.

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