Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Hearing The Voice of the Lord (Gerald Lund)

Recently I observed something that bothered me. Someone that I care about had some things going on in life that I felt were a red flag. Others felt similarly concerned. However, she didn't seem to agree that it was a problem. A number of us were praying for this person and about the situation. Two people received seemingly opposite messages. I wondered how it could be that God could give two very different messages. When Allen came home with this book I was eager to get into it right away. I wasn't disappointed. Gerald Lund goes into great detail in this book of principles and patterns of personal revelation. It helped me resolve my issues with the revelation question regarding my friend, and provided an amazing framework of understanding on personal revelation. This is a book that will need to be read again and again. It will definitely find a long term home on our book shelves!

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