Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Iron Man

Styrofoam has become the craft material of choice around here lately. Peirce has created a number of interesting things with styroform. Today Jill decided to get into the action. Judging from the box in their garbage, our neighbors got a new computer. My kids have been knocking on their door every hour for the last 24 hours it seems trying to ask if they could take the styrofoam out of their garbage. They finally caught them at home and didn't waste any time in packing up their precious finds. This was Jill's creation.....a costume from Iron Man. Allen took them to Iron Man on the weekend it opened up - and we've had Iron Man talk around here ever since. There's got to be a way this fits in with our homeschooling goals.....I'll have to do some thinking on that. With all the time they've spent making this it must count for some kind of learning. lol

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