Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Swim Meet - year end

Well, another year of swimming is almost over....and so it was time for the semi-annual 'fun meet'. Poor Peirce is bored out of his head at these things....but he is a pretty good sport. He found some friends with computer games and was thick as thieves with them.

Jill swam 50M free, 25 M fly, 25M back and 25M breast....and she said she beat her record for each one. I tried to get videos of her swimming but I messed up a bit so I just have two of her races.

The boy ahead of her is about a foot taller and has 3 or 4 years on her. We told he it's always good to have someone like that to chase!

The Fly:

Breast Stroke - sorry these are so jumpy. I was trying to NOT slip on the deck or fall into the pool while video taping her swim. Not an easy feat!

You can hear Allen cheering here. He's always the loudest guy at the swim meets. Even the coach commented later that Jill has the best cheering squad. :0)

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