Monday, 8 June 2009

Strong Links

Today we did the FHE lesson that our kids got from primary last week. On the 5th Sunday we decided our primary would do a Sharing Time on FHE and give the kids a lesson they can do for FHE that week.

The lesson was about being a strong link. We made a chain and we wrote things on each link that make our family strong. Things like: scripture study, family prayer, sacrament meeting, and we even wrote each other's names because we all make each other stronger. It was a good lesson - made me think they're really starting to get the whole gospel thing.
....of course, now and then they have to steal something from the teacher's desk, or something like that just to make sure it's front and center in my mind that they're still normal kids!
After FHE we went to the mall...and I drove the van! We've been having trouble with it for a week. Now it has a new starter, a new battery, and we figure what was wrong may have just been that the battery cables weren't connected properly. LOL It sure starts like a charm now though! I guess that's what we get for thinking we could fix it ourselves.
At the mall Jill bought the new 39 Clues book that she has been waiting for. We tried to get it in Lethbridge the other day when we were on our way out of town and they hadn't heard of Jill was quite disappointed. She was ready to read it all the way home! Then she had to wait until today to be able to get it. I had to go tell her at 10:30 that that was enough - and she had to shut the lights off.
Peirce bought a Fly Guy book. It's so fun to hear him read to us! He's really good at it!

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