Friday, 12 June 2009

And he's off!!!

This is Peirce's week to shine I guess. Yesterday the yo-yo. Today the bike!!

Peirce has been trying to learn to ride a 2-wheeler for quite a while. We decided about a month ago that we parents needed to take matters into our own hands and MAKE this kid learn to ride a bike.

Ya. That didn't go so well. Peirce just isn't a kid that you can force into doing something if he's determined that he's not ready. As a matter of fact, it all deteriorates very quickly. So, after a night of attempting to make him ride a bike, and him crying and carrying on until he was basically in a wet-noodle state, we apologized and told him we wouldn't make him do it and he could just learn on his own. To his credit, he spent a lot of time trying. And truthfully, I didn't think he'd ever get it.

Well, I'm wrong again!! Tonight Jill came in to tell us to hurry out because Peirce could now officially ride his bike on his own...and sure enough, he can!

He spent a lot of this evening riding around and around and around and around our block. He went to bed really easily after all of that!! I think this summer could be a lot of fun if he can enjoy bike riding!

We decided to celebrate by making cinnamon buns for lunches tomorrow. YEA!!! Now that's how I like to celebrate!

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