Sunday, 14 June 2009

Sunday Seven

1. An amazing presidency. I'm so blessed to work with the women in Primary that I get to work with. They're all so diligent and inspiring and amazing. I love them!

2. Cousins. We're lucky to have cousins that live close really close by. This weekend we got to have them over for a sleepover. It all gets a little crazy - but in the end we're always glad to be able to have them over. They're just plain old great kids and we enjoy spending time together. We just don't seem to get to do it enough actually!

3. Healing! My dad is doing well with his radiation treatments for lymphoma. Hopefully this does the trick!

4. Reading.....have had a little more time to do some reading. Love it!

5. Nice weather. It looks like spring has broke through the thick layer of winter. YEA!

6. Summer's almost here. Can't wait!

7. Love. Life. Happiness.

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