Monday, 22 June 2009

What My Children Are Reading

Jill is re-reading The Invention of Hugo Cabaret. Such a great book! There are some great things about this book. It's built around a great true story, and best of all, the book is really thick...probably four inches thick! More than half the pages, though, are pictures - so it's a really quick read (very satisfying for a child who has watched her parents read fat fat books for days on end). I really should buy this book for Jill. She's taken it out of the library numerous times!

Tonight I could hear Peirce downstairs talking talking talking....kind of like a robot. After about 15 minutes he came upstairs and triumphantly told me that he has read 3 pages of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

I love that! A while ago Peirce told me his goal this summer was going to be "to learn to read as good as Jane" (a girl in his class). I guess he's serious about that!

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