Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sunday Seven

1. Snow in June! Yes. We had snow in June. I keep telling myself I'm grateful for it. Will that help?

Truthfully, I've decided to not rail against the weather anymore. I give up. It's been a long hard winter. Does that mean we will get a beautiful summer?! Time will tell!

2. Primary - I'm having a great time serving in Primary. Sundays go by so fast!! I'm also starting to wrap my head around all the moving parts of this organization - and there seems to be a lot. Sundays are never dull. I'm enjoying serving there

3. Relief Society - this weekend we had a quarterly activity. We learned about freezer meals, gardening and canning tomato sauce. Truthfully I could have taught two of the classes - but I'm so glad I went all the same. I was inspired just by the discussions. When I look back over this year I really have learned a lot and have changed my approach to groceries and food storage - and it's all been good. Each time I've gone to a provident pantry workshop I've tried to incorporate one thing I've learned there. My latest thing is sprouting!! I'm still very much a beginner on that. Here's my first attempt!

4. My dad is on the mend!! A couple months ago we were told he had cancer. He started treatment right away and they're very optimistic that things are under control. What a relief!

5. A new calm approach to trials: Our van died last week. We have a dear friend who has helped Allen figure out what is wrong with it - and each time they thought they had it conquered they found out they were wrong. The darn thing is still dead - but you know, that's okay! Normally I'd fret and worry....but I figure it'll all work out. If nothing else, this is probably the best time of year to be without a vehicle!

6. Students: We have a student staying with us right now and he's really a great guy. We enjoy having him. He's easy going and an all round nice guy.

7. My mission! I have been thinking about missions a lot lately. One of the boys that Allen worked with in YM in our previous ward is leaving on his mission soon and he's going to the same mission I went to! (I always knew there was something great about that kid!) LOL My mission was a pivotal experience in my life and I'm amazed at how often I think about the people I met and the experiences I had there. Truly life changing. I think everyone should go on a mission!

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