Sunday, 21 June 2009

Sunday Seven

1. My dad! Happy Father's Day! He's always been hard working, fun, and always up for a party! (Well, as long as it doesn't go too late) I'm so happy that his cancer treatments are going well. This whole experience has been life changing for us all.

2. My wonderful husband....happy Father's Day to him! I couldn't have a better dad for my kids

3. Rice Salad. MMMMmmmm! I love rice salad. I got a new recipe for rice and nut salad a few months ago at a Provident Pantry workshop and it's become staple food in our house. Love it!

4. Example of valiant service - we have some amazing primary teachers in our ward. I'm so grateful for them!

5. Primary....I love primary. And I'm grateful to be able to serve in primary.

6. Babies!! We have a new niece this week: Raina Emma Lee. She was born on the 16th. I now have 17 nieces and nephews...and one more on the way. We were hoping the next one would be born last night but no news yet.

7. Quiet time. This morning I was supposed to go to ward council - but it turned out it was canceled today and they forgot to let me know. I decided to stay there and get ready for Primary and have a little quiet time. What a delicious experience! I should do that more often!

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