Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Best of times, worst of times

Best part of today: getting my hair cut! Feels so much better!

Another best part of today: listening to my daughter's delight in seeing a need and organizing her BeeHive presidency friends to do something to show love to a girl in need......love seeing her learn the joy of service

Another best part: an amazing salad with tuna and fried red pepper hummus dressing for lunch. Yum!

Worst part of today: helping/making Peirce clean his room. Why do boys collect such junk?! I think we could work on that room every day for a week. Ugh!

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Amy said...

That is funny, because our boy is the neatest of the bunch! He (mostly) keeps his room clean the majority of the time!! The girls are crazy messy, and Abby wants to save EVERYTHING!!! She is very sentimental!!