Friday, 27 May 2011

Great Afternoon of Organizing

Have I mentioned how much I love my job? Oh ya....about every other day.

Well I just have to mention it again!!

Today I got to schedule a sub for the afternoon while I worked with another Gr 2 teacher on math. It was so great. We had some assignments we had to prepare to share with the other campuses, and we needed to get all our lessons organized with Performanc Task Assessments inserted in the right places. It was so wonderful to be able to take an afternoon to do that. I feel uber organized for math now!

We finished about half an hour before school was over. I decided to stay and organize a few more things. It was so great. I am hoping hoping I get to teach the same grade again next year. I feel like I have dipped my toe in and if given another chance could do so much better next year. Please pray for me. They are working on staffing right now!!

Some of the teachers have been talking about what a hard year this has been. I don't say much. Mostly I want to giggle and say, "Are you serious?! You mean it gets even better?!"

All in all, I still feel richly blessed to even have this opportunity. Love it!

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