Sunday, 8 May 2011

Generations of Faith and Courage

I come from a good line of women!! This is what I gave my mom for mother's day. The first picture is my mom, then her mom, her mother's mom, and her mother's mother's mom! I love them all for the great legacy they have left me.

What a wonderful Mother's Day weekend I have had! Yesterday and Friday I got to go to Time Out for Women. My mom, sister, niece, cousins, aunt, and even Jill came! It was wonderful. Then today was a great day. I enjoyed breakfast in bed, and the priesthood took over Primary so all the sisters serving in Primary could have a Sunday off. It was lovely!

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The Lawlor's said...

What a nice break for you.

It was SO good to see you and Gaylene and your mom.

And I really enjoyed Time Out for Women as well. It was my first time and after a last minute decision I am really glad I went.