Tuesday, 3 May 2011

New Goal....and a new beginning in politics

Every day I enjoy reading a post by one if my favorite people: Jeni She has inspired me to be a better blogger. I am going to try to post every day.

So, to start off, just a bit about the election.

The opposition, namely Mr. Ignatiaff, forced an election. It didn't work out too well for him as the minority government at the time now has a majority and Mr. Ignatiaff's party has been reduced to rubble. Couldn't happen to a finer bunch if you ask me. They did the same thing in September 2009 and took a beating, and yesterday Mr. Ignatiaff lost his seat. Today he announced he would resign. Perhaps he will go back to the USA. He didn't make that announcement, of course.

Did you know that this was the first time since Confederation that the Liberals were not one of the top two parties in power? Yup. The winds of change certainly are blowing.

So the NDP are now the official opposition. It will be interesting to watch how they do. They are a pack full of people with very little experience in politics. My favorite is the woman in Quebec who was working as a manager of a bar at a University. She campaigned in a riding she doesn't live in and has hardly visited. Her French, apparently, is questionable. Oh, and she spent a week in Las Vegas during the campaign. And she got elected!! I say, hey, way to go! LOL

I am happy with a conservative majority. A minority government prove to be unable to move on weight matters but instead played games and jockeyed for position too much. Looking forward to seeing what the Conservatives can accomplish and hoping they don't disappoint!


n.c.ackroyd said...

The Opposition has the Constitutional responsibility to hold the Government accountable for its actions. Harper refused to disclose information that he was required to make public, and you seriously blame Ignatieff? Seriously? Its like you would feel bad for catching someone lying to you.

From Wikipedia: http://bit.ly/k04gUT

Concerning the Speaker's second ruling, on March 21, 2011, the Committee tabled a report[8] that found the Government of Canada in contempt of Parliament.[6] As such, a motion of no confidence was introduced in the House.[9] On March 25, 2011, Members of Parliament voted on the motion, finding the government in contempt of Parliament by a margin of 156 to 145.[10][11] The contempt finding is unique in Canadian history. In a wider context, no government in the 54 member nations of Commonwealth has been found in contempt of Parliament.[12][13]

The issue was that the Opposition was being told to vote on bills without disclosure of cost estimates. "Approve our plan, but we aren't going to give you any information. Just trust us." Yeah, right.

Dawn said...

Well, if you are talking about the info that was requested and later added to e report.....which, the opposition still balked at and complained the info wasn't there (clearly not. Having read the report prior to their cries) then yes, I fault them for a lack of due diligence.

They didn't bring the government down for that though. They said they didn't believe in the budget. This was a decision made prior to it even being out. I don't believe it was about the budget. It was just an opportunity to oppose the government.

The best part was listening to their campaign promises that matched ideas in the budget.

Years of living under a liberal government

Dawn said...

May have caused me to be a little too cynical of the Liberals. Clearly a few other people in Canada felt the same way.