Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Supervision is not for Wimps

Wednesday is my day for Supervision. I have decided that supervision is not for wimps! Here in a rundown of how lunch recess went today:

(names have been changed to protect the guilty)

* walk way down to the corner of the field to see what the small group of kids is huddled around doing (turns out they found a jackpot of ladybugs)
* "Mrs. Ackroyd our ball went over the fence" (go get the ball)
* Walk around with the kid who is too timid to ask to play with anyone. Find her someone to play with.
* "Mrs. Ackroyd Joseph is stuck on top of the monkey bars" Help Joseph get down (turned out he was too scared to move)
* "Mrs. Ackroyd, our ball went over the fence again." (go get the ball again)
* "Mrs. Ackroyd those kids keep throwing rocks and putting rock on the slide!" Go remind those kids that what belongs on the ground stays on the ground.
* "Mrs. Ackroyd my stuffy is stuck on the tether ball pole." Go figure out how to get the stuffy down ( and wonder how the heck they did that) and finally find a kid who can climb the pole.
* "Mrs. Ackroyd our ball went over the fence again. We are really sorry!" Go get the ball again.
* "Mrs. Ackroyd, Jason is hurt." Rush over to Jason. Ask him what happened. "I got kicked in the balls." (Note to self, next time just try to get the kid to stand up and change question to 'Are you okay?')
* "Mrs. Ackroyd, the wind blew the gate to the courtyard shut and we can't get back in." Go open the gate. Put a pylon in front of the gate so that it can't blow it shut again.
* "Mrs. Ackroyd Romeo keeps trying to kiss everyone." Go talk to Romeo and remind him that there's no kissing at school. "But I'm not really kissing them." Talk to him about how pretending you're going to kiss them makes people uncomfortable.
* Tell Tarzan he shouldn't be climbing on outside of the play structure


Most kids make a mad dash to line up
rustle up the stragglers who didn't hear the bell again

Pick up 7 coats that were forgotten. Get someone to take them to the Lost and Found.

Realize I never peed. It is a long time until the end of the day bell! Oh well. I should be fine. (still developing my bladder of steel)

.....sometimes when that bell rings it isn't soon enough!

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