Sunday, 22 May 2011

Saturday Night at Safeway

Jill and I have the funniest experiences at Safeway.

Last week we were there in Saturday night for Hagn Daz ice cream (Girls Club!) Behind us in line were these loud obnoxious men. They were arguing about something. One would declare that he knew it because he's from Newfoundland. I think they was an alcohol factor too. The cashier turned to us and said in a sort if joking way, "Don't leave me!"

Then last night we were there getting Robaxacet for Allen (did you know they lock that stuff up at night??? Luckily Jll has a skinny arm and can get behind the barriers though!) LOL When we entered the pharmacy area a lady dressed in some cultural specific clothes with a heavy accent (maybe African? Not sure) came up to us and asked if we coukd help her. She wanted a pregnancy test but didn't know what they we're called or how to find them. So we helped her find them. Then she told me she didn't know how to use it and could I show her. No problem (I am actually a pregnancy test expert!) So she went and paid and we paid and then I opened the box for her and showed her exactly how to do it and explained that she should do it in the morning, how to most easily pee on the strip without making a mess, etc. Quite an education for Jill! LOL She was quite wide eyed and attentive the whole time. :)

The lady said she wants to be pregnant. She has two boys already and really wants another.

We wished her luck and off we went. She really was a nice woman.

Just seemed like a rather personal experience. I suppose though if I were in another country I would need a little help too.

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Alysha said...

haha that's crazy. i guess they don't do the pee stick test in some countries? you do have interesting experiences there. makes for good stories, right?