Saturday, 28 May 2011

Corrall City Classic

Last night and today we spent the day at the pool for a swim meet called The Corrall City Classic.

Last night wasn't as good for Jill. She had two races. She swam 50 fly. Time going in was 38.82 and she swam 37.75 and she came in 12th of the 70 girls in her age category for that race. That wasn't so bad. Then she was to swim 50 back. However, she didn't have the right lane down and missed her race. I told her next time to just get in any lane and swim and they'll fix it at the other end. Not sure if that works, but it would be worth a try! Those 50s go really fast and if you're in the wrong spot when the start happens, you're hopped. On Saturday we had a swimmer show up in the wrong heat and they fixed it, so I think it would be worth a try!

Today was a really good day for her. She first swam 200 free. Time going in was 2:49.45. She swam it in 2:45.82 today. (B time is 2:47.8 so it was a good B swim. An A= 2:32.40.) She came in 11th in her age category. There was 44 girls in that age category for that race.

The best race was next: 100 fly. Her time going in was 1:35.00.  (B=1:34.80  A=1:23.10) today she swam it in 1:28.14 and came in 5th of 21 girls. Apparently not as many girls like to swim 100 fly! As Jill would say: Beast!

The last race was 50 free. Her time going in was 34.77 (B=39.50 A= 32.10) Today she swam it in 34.18 and was 14th of 81 girls.

Proud of four new PBs!

I timed all day. I timed with a dad from Patriots that I quite enjoyed getting to know. The other person was a woman who works in intelligence for Canadian boarder services who is married to a police officer. I bet their kids behave! LOL

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