Friday, 6 May 2011

Two Days In a Row!

I have two goals right now actually.

One is to blog every day. The other is to exercise every day. Well, six days a week.

So far I've done it two days in a row.

I think I found a secret to help make it happen. If I have my exercise clothes out for the morning, then I put them on and go do it. If not, for some reason, I seem to be able to convince myself I don't have time, or it's too cold, or whatever the excuse of the day is.

I have been reading a book at school called The Dog Days of Charlotte Hays. It's about a girl who isn't a dog-lover but has a dog. Her mother has a baby and has post-partum depression. Charlotte is always commenting on how she wishes her mom would put her runners on like she used and go for a run because she just isn't as happy as she used to be. Now that I'm a work out of the house type mom I have found that I need exercise more than ever. It helps me be happier. Reading this book has been the little nudge I've needed to finally decide to get at it. I don't want my kids feeling like I'm always tired and a grump. It also helps me feel like I have something I'm doing that's just for me.

Here's to exercise!!

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