Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Art of Racing in The Rain

On Saturday when we were driving to and from Lethbridge I listened to a book on CD. I don't listen to books on CD very much. I don't seen to have a long enough time span where I can focus on it, and as a result, I lose track of the story. I always thought it was because I am not much of a auditory learner, but I seemed to do okay with this one. I'm starting to think that the issue is having the time to focus on it. It gives me hope! It has been killing me since Saturday to not be able to finish it. Truthfully, I read a bunch of it yesterday when we were at Chapters for the Harry Potter Party.....I went and found the book and stood there for an hour or so reading. I was so sorry when the kids were ready to go!

Part of the reason I was able to enjoy this one might have been that it was a great story. I was reading it for the online book club that I'm a part of (and hardly ever participate in).

One thing I really enjoyed about this book is that it is told from the family dog's perspective. His name is Enzo. Great dog! While I was listening I found myself looking at, and thinking about Chico a little differently. I wondered how much he understands and what he would say to me if he could put the words together.

I loved the ending for this book too. Enzo didn't disappoint :)

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