Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Preparing for Adulthood

It was a week ago that we had the meeting about scouting. I have thought a lot about that meeting and a lot about the things Allen has told me about Helaman's Encampment. I read a blog today by someone we got to know when we were in 3rd ward in the West Stake in Calgary. He brought up a great point about these boys. Boys that are scouting age are the boys that have gone to war in the past. I just can't imagine. Gives a new perspective on how important it is to teach our boys to be men. His blog post is here. I thought it was terrific.

It's interesting to me to watch how my kids respond to things we're trying to teach them. One of our topics recently is speaking respectfully to each other. Life is so good when that's how the conversations in our house are....and so frustrating when they're not. I think they're starting to get it though.

The other thing we're working on is helping around the house. My kids have chores to do each day and usually they need to be reminded. Tonight Jill wanted to go swimming but hadn't done her chores for yesterday or today so I told her they had to be done before we left. Her friends were already at the pool so she was very motivated. I couldn't believe how quick she could do it! LOL If only they would just do it that quick on their own. We'll keep working on it!

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