Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Magic of Harry Potter and Stampeding!

Tonight we stopped by Chapters for a Harry Potter party. Peirce wore the Dumbledore costume my mom made a few years ago and won the costume contest! The prize was the last Harry Potter book. His teacher this year read the first one aloud to their class and he has a goal to read them all this summer. Jill also won a prize. She was the first to find the snitch and she won a HP Lego set. Pretty fun to have both of them win something!

This is Stampede week in Calgary. Mostly I avoid all things Stampedish, but one of Jill's favorite bands was playing at the Coke stage. What an experience it was! Jill loved it. Peirce hated it, and I endured it. Nothing like hanging out in the world, the nasty worldliest of worlds, with our kids. *sigh*

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