Saturday, 9 July 2011

Car Prayers

Today Peirce and I went to Lethbridge for Dustin Noble's new little baby's baby shower. What a cute little guy that Logan is!

We went down in Allen's car. On the way home at Fort Macleod we ran out of propane. No problem. I switched over to gas....or so I thought. The car kept stalling. I called Allen and we couldn't figure out the problem. I figured out if I didn't touch the gas it would start, so we coasted into Claresholm. Peirce was scared and asking tons of questions non stop driving and me crazy. I finally said: Peirce, how about you stop talking and just pray...and don't stop praying....and wouldn't you know it, that was when we figured out what was wrong. Suddenly the green light for propane came on. Maybe I had hit it twice when I went to shut it off. I don't know. All I know is it took us about an hour to go the 18 km's into Claresholm. It wasn't until Peirce started praying that we saw the light. Maybe we just needed a prayer experience for the kid :)

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