Friday, 15 July 2011

Date Night at Box Wood Cafe

Usually we have some time during the week when we take the calender off the fridge and make sure we're all understanding what is going on in the week. When we did that this week I told Allen we'd be going on a date on Friday. He joked, "Oh shopping together."

Sadly, our date nights are often like that. We don't do it too often because life is just too busy. By Fridays we're dead tired, and usually Saturday is packed with more to do than we can do, so we opt to rest and get ready for the craziness of Saturday. However, this week seemed like the perfect time to get ourselves out of the house together to do something with each other!

This is Stampede Week, and judging from the attendance at the Vipers Game on Thursday, not much else happens in this city besides Stampede! So it took some thinking to decide what we'd do. Actually, I put a post on Facebook for suggestions for our datenight. We decided to go with dinner out at the Boxwood Cafe. What a great place! I had actually driven by their earlier this month and made a mental note to tell Allen about it. It looked like an interesting place. Turns out it is owned by the same people who own The River Cafe another amazing place in Calgary!

I had Quinoa Salad with Cucumber, Roasted Peppers & Feta , and Spiced Almonds & Pecans with Citrus & Rosemary....and they were both so delicious!! Loved loved loved it! Allen had lamb with some kind of sauce on it, and a lentil soup. I was amazed at how our serving sizes weren't that big, but we were totally satisfied by the end of it all. Truthfully, I found myself eating slowly and wanting to savor the amazing tastes.

They try to serve food produced and sold around Calgary....I love that too. They even had Broxburn cucumbers from Broxburn farm! The menu even says: To reduce our carbon footprint, we offer water that is filtered onsite. Still water is complimentary, and unlimited sparkling water is available at a small charge of $2 per guest. Thank you for supporting our efforts.

It was a refreshing change from those places where all the girls wear black revealing clothes and all kind of look the same.

Definitely recommend Box Wood!! Thank you Lynn Ursenbach for the recommendation!

After that we drove around and looked at beautiful houses around Elbow Drive....another favorite past time of ours!

All in all, a great night!

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