Thursday, 7 July 2011


Jill and Peirce went camping with a swarm of Ackroyd cousins this week and had a great time.I have been thinking about cousins lately and what happiness I have had because of cousins. I think it began with hearing that Kara and her family were going to Sparwood for a week. Jealous!! Summer and cousin fun still seem to go together!

I was also thinking about Scott. Someone in our neighborhood practices bagpipes lately. It brings back a flood of warm memories of many summers with Scott. Scott played the bagpipes and took lessons one summer in Calgary and stayed with us. Well, he stayed with us lots of summers actually. I also spent some time working for him when I was in University when he was running his own travel agency. He passed away a few years ago. I miss him. Hearing the bagpipes in he summer seems especially nostalgic for me. I love it.

This Saturday I am going to a baby shower for Brad's first grandchild. He is my oldest cousin. I can't wait! Nickee will be there too as she is here for her annual pilgrimage. So many fun memories with Nickee!

I have lots of good memories with Shane and Renee, and other cousins too. So blessed!

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Renee said...

I remember cleaning dor knobs! One of the funnest times I had was with you and Gaylene at the hotel and at the house on the mountain in Kelowna! I really do have a horrible memory but I remember clean the door knobs and anything I could reach lol!